Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lovin the Bumbo!

So last week we introduced the Bumbo into our family and oh how we love it! Sariah can be a part of almost anything now. She is so darn cute in it too. Justin loves it because he can have more direct contact with his sister. Just so you know there is a warning on the Bumbo not to have it up on high places...this was a supervised event and she was not injured.

Oh look at the joy in those faces.

She is trying to figure this thing of course she must first lean down to put it in her mouth.

Mom he is in my personal space!

Oh that Justin is making me laugh!

Who wouldn't laugh at this performance?

He just cracks us both up!

"Stop breathing my air"

Hmmm...can you tell he is already teasing her?

But he gives her loves way more then he teases that is for sure!

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Janika said...

Siblings make babies more fun. Instead of mommy being the entertainer, we get to be entertained.