Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miscellaneous Cuteness

I don't know about you but I love taking and looking at pictures of my kiddos. I really think they are the cutest things on this earth and so entertaining. Here are some pictures from the past week and a half that I don't have any particular thing to post about.

Sariah is starting to keep her smiles long enough for me to capture with the camera phone.

One morning it was particularly cold on our walk so I put her winter snow suit on...isn't she so cute with her little cat whiskers.

Can you tell it's a little big?

On last Saturday we had to drive out to James' work to switch cars. It is a good 30 minute drive and Justin fell asleep in the back seat. I thought it was so cute how he fell asleep against Sariah's car seat. She kept pushing on his head with her foot...I think she wanted him to wake up.

In this one she is trying to hold his hand...after I took this one he finally woke up when she kicked him a little bit harder then before.

Another day in the Bumbo with Justin.

Lots of giggles occur.

I can't believe that she is already 5 months old! Wow.


Jamie J Stansfield said...

adorable! Aren't your own babies the cutest?! I can tell she loves her older brother too! Its so fun to have your kids love each other isn't it?! So so so so cute! she really looks a lot like you! Beautiful! And thanks for the great utah ideas on my site!

Carrie said...

Tiana! She is so adorable! She looks like a very happy baby! Wow. what a sweetheart!

Janika said...

My babies are twice as cute (because there are two of them) but Sariah is beautiful. With her hood on, her eyes pop. You can tell she will have a dramatic, stunning face as she matures.