Saturday, October 4, 2008

One Rainy Day

So my cute little Justin seriously loves playing with his sister. Before she was born he was convinced that she would come out being able to play hide and seek right away. Now that she is here he realizes that she can't play his favorite came of hide and seek just yet...he thinks as soon as she starts crawling she will be able to play...oh he makes me giggle. In addition to his love of playing with Sariah, Justin also loves to come up with little inventions.
One rainy day he decided to put on a family show for Sariah to help her learn the members of our family. He kept trying new ways to rig his contraption.

First he tried string and rocks to balance off the couch.

Here he is setting up the box, string, and pictures for Sariah.

Testing it out to see how close he should put the box.

Sariah patiently looking on as Justin attempts to create the dangling mobile.

When the pictures wouldn't dangle correctly on the outside of the box he stuck them inside.

Then he figured out how to get them to stand up.
From left to right they are pics of Sariah, Justin, Mom and Dad

Sariah trying hard to look at the show.

Justin and Sariah

Is she looking at it? The sideways glance from Justin.

Our little family.


jkmace said...

too cute and precious!

Megan and Vinny said...

that is hands down the cutest thing ever!!! what a sweet older brother to entertain his baby sister. the last shot of his drawings is priceless. i wonder if you could have them framed. they are adoreable!

kisses, megan

Carrie said...

What a cute brother. I'm glad he's helping her learn it all early so she doesn't get confused. :)