Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week in Review

Camping this weekend was definitely an adventure but not because Sariah was a bad camper. She proved her momma right and loved being outdoors camping. She slept great all snuggled up in the tent too. Camping was an adventure because I locked my keys in the truck with Sariah's diapers and our change of clothes for the evening(thank goodness we have emergency roadside service on our insurance Al saved us), James had to stay late at work and got lost on his way from to the campsite, Justin has some pollen allergy and was sniffling most of the night, sleep alluded me, and the outhouse was a little scary....needless to say I am thankful for indoor plumbing today. I took my camera camping but due to the added stress of the locked keys in the trunk I did not take one picture. Hopefully I will get some pics from the friends that were there with us and post them at a later time. We had a lot of fun and most likely will be going again before it gets too cold. We are also so very grateful for the friends who planned the little trip. Thank you!

Here are some pics from the week....

Sariah loves her bath tub seat a majority of the time.

When she has to sit in it a little bit longer because Mom needs extra time in the bathroom she gets a bit cranky.

So she has devised a new trick to entertain herself while she waits for Mom to finish.

She slides herself right out of the chair. (No babies were hurt in the taking of these pictures, she does this new move very slowly and carefully for her age, it's pretty amazing.)
Mom and Sariah after her bath.

I took Justin to the park last Friday and Sariah got in a swing for the first time.

She seemed to enjoy it

We are still walking in the morning and loving it. Sariah will jabber away while we walk. I tried to catch her chattin it up but she yawned and then stopped talking.

My adorable kiddos

The sunrises on our morning walks are getting so beautiful. Not to shabby for a camera phone picture.


Megan and Vinny said...

sorry about leaving your keys in the car! i did that on our honeymoon, and then again on our five year anniversary...

by the way, you sure look pretty! lets see some more photos of YOU!

Amanda Cluff said...

Wow! You are brave. But I am glad you had fun most of the time. Sariah is so adorable!

Diana said...

Hey! Just wanted to say hi! Very cute family & blog. How fun that I found you! Yes we have 4 boys life is pretty crazy here. But I would not change it for the world. Hope all is well with you!