Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It comes in 3's


3 names you go by: T, Tiana, Mom
3 Things you are wearing right now: White t-shirt, tan pants, contacts
3 Restaurants I love: Cheesecake Factory, Costa Vida, Joyful Spirit
3 Favorite things to do: Spending time with James, Being a mommy, pottery
3 Things I want badly: To be sealed to my family, new shoes, a bike
3 things I did yesterday: changed diapers, visiting teaching, grocery shopping
3 Goals: finish those last credits, get sealed to my family, lose another 50
3 Fears: Anything happening to my family, this presidential election, the teenage years
3 things I plan on doing today: cleaning my room, laundry, cook dinner
3 Things I plan on doing tomorrow: babysit Joesph, laundry, car stuff
3 Favorite Holidays: Christmas, Christmas, Christmas 3 Favorite Beverages: Water, Diet Coke, Hot cocoa
3 Friends to Tag: Tallie, Kendra, Sarah

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