Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blue and Beautiful

I am blue and beautiful
I wonder who I carry
I hear whispers in the wind
I see bug butts
I want air
I am blue and beautiful

I pretend I can fly
I feel lite as a feather
I touch the fingers of the wind
I worry that I won't be fast enough
I cry with water droplets
I am blue and beautiful

I understand that wheels go around
I say it is healthy
I dream to be with a family of bikers
I try to go faster every time I move
I hope to go out each day
I am blue and beautiful

About a month ago my wonderful husband purchased me an Electra Townie 21. I love it! The evenings that I don't get to go out and spend time riding around make a huge difference in my attitude. I enjoy the time I get to be just me and the bike with no other worries. I can clear my head of all concerns and just be thinking about how fast I can go and if I will beat my time around the route tonight. I have found a new love for biking and enjoy my beautiful blue bike more then words can express. This post is dedicated to my bike....hmmm...I haven't named her yet...any suggestions?


Jamie J Stansfield said...

Blue Bird...okay so i totally understand the joy you find in biking! I just joined Golds and i drop the kiddies off and go work out...i never have truly loved working out until's my freedom...its beautiful! Congrats on the bike! And your freedom and well in my case...sanity.

Becktacular said...

Blue Beauty... simple as that. :) I like the previous suggestion of blue bird also.

This is so fun! I love reading your blog! Yay!

Cherry Blossoms said...

how about Bubba!

erin said...

I love this post! I'm glad we can keep in touch through blogs and it's fun to see your little family grow.