Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day consists of Presents, Igloo, and Feet (Day 7)

Seriously why do parents take so many pictures of their kiddos? Is it because we want to capture every moment and remember them forever? Perhaps so. I took way too many pictures on Christmas day of my kiddos, I will spare you and not upload all of them. But here are probably more then you wanted to's for my posterity anyway.

Waiting to go down stairs to open presents. Uncle Paul in blue, Uncle Hugh holding Sariah, Uncle James in red, Uncle Luke and JustinGrandma and James jumped in the picture.

She loved the ribbon that came on the toy piano.

Wahoo for Magic Tree House books....he got 4 in his stocking and then the rest of them in a box. Thank goodness Santa knew that Justin really loves to read.

A picture of his telescope waiting for him under our tree in Texas.

Siblings on Christmas morning.

Uncle James, Cousin Sean, and Uncle Hugh

No matter what she opened she was mostly interested in the wrapping paper.

Cool Dude Justin

Which do I choose the bow or the glow worm...tough choice.

Sexy Daddy Man

Sariah loved her present from Justin

Are we done opening presents yet?

Green Green Green
Aunt Gretchen, Uncle James, and Uncle Hugh

Grandpa and Grandma

So there was a whole bunch of snow in Utah and it snowed even more on Christmas Day....well, what do you do with all that snow? You make an igloo of course. Justin was in heaven. He loves the snow and would of slept outside in the igloo if someone, anyone, would of joined him.

On the inside.

This igloo was huge...Mark is 6'5" and could lie down comfortably inside. He couldn't stand up all the way but he had room to move around.

These are the feet of Sariah and Abraham. Sariah is 7 months in this picture and Abe is 13 months. His feet are sooooo much bigger then hers. We just had to take a picture

What's the big deal mom?


Anonymous said...

You have some VERY cute kids! What a lulcky Aunt I am. :)

Anna and Stephen said...

Holy cow that igloo is SOOOO huge! How much fun is that!

Amanda Cluff said...

So fun! Your kids are so cute and Sariah looks just like you!