Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Eve Shenanigan's (Day 6)

Christmas Eve was a wonderful night. Mom planned our traditional Jesus Dinner (food that can be found in the middle east and we think is what Jesus might of eaten...if you really want the menu contact me and I can put the list together) and reserved the church so we could have a space big enough for all the siblings. It was a bunch of people, with a lot of seriously scrumptious food, and the name rotation.

Playing together on the bed before getting ready to go over to the church...Justin trying to get some one on one sibling time.
Mini sled and presents...didn't quite turn out to be the photo opportunity but she smiled for one before she wanted to rip open the presents.

Uncle Ian and Aunt Sarah

Uncle Ralph and Aunt Julie

Aunt Tallie, Uncle Nick, and Abe the babe

Aunt Rachel, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Luke

Aunt Tallie and Uncle Nick

Ummmm....someone let a toot out in this picture...who do you think it is?

Me and my little man

James doing the dishes

Miss Sariah doing her standing and dancing.

Why is my hair in my face...

Sariah and Daddy

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Anna and Stephen said...

You look so beautiful. Not to mention looking like a skinny-minny. I love the picture with you hugging Justin! Looks like you had a lot of fun!