Monday, January 12, 2009

Day After Christmas , Family Pictures(Day 8)

The day after Christmas was the big family photo shoot. It went surprisingly well with the amount of people that we had in that little room. Once I have the pictures scanned to my computer I will put them on here because seriously they are just that spectacular! But here are some random shots from the day before and after the professional pics.

Sariah and Sean before leaving the house.
Sariah and the sled's just such a fun sled to put kids in...but kids don't like it so much.

After we took family pictures we went back to the church to eat and clean up the room we used for Christmas Eve. Justin just stuffed something in his mouth and was being silly.

We were taking down the Christmas tree and decorated AJ instead. He was a good sport.

"Mom get this stuff off me", AJ cries!

AJ and Sariah sharing a sippy cup again...the colors for the family shoot were red and black.

After the clean up was done we got our rental car and went to Pocatello, Idaho to see my Grandma Gifford, Dad and Patty, and kids. It might not of been the best idea to drive that day, it took us 6.5 hours instead of 3.5 hours to get to Pocatello. The roads were pretty icy from the massive snow storm the day before in SLC and Ogden but we made it and only had a few issues...Rachel's windshield wipers not working, tired kids, fish tailing, tired kids, frozen wipers, did I mention tired kids cause we had 2 tired kids. But it was awesome to see everyone up in Idaho and we are so glad that we got to go. Next post will be the pictures of Idaho! Wahoo!

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