Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Great Birthday Weekend

My husband did a great job on treating me wonderfully for my birthday...he does a great job at treating me wonderfully every day but he went above and beyond on Saturday. I really only wanted 1 thing for my birthday...a membership to 24 hour fitness. Getting a gym membership from your husband on your birthday is a tricky thing. He was so worried that he would be put in the dog house if he got it for me that I had to convince him it is what I wanted! Wahoo for the membership.....
Then he totally surprised me with gift number 2! I was not even expecting it but love that he got me the Wii!
Justin my cute boy made me a beautiful card that is sitting above my Wii. He gave me lots of hugs and promised to be extra good...no arguing or sassing all week long...it was a big promise for him.

Now my cute Sariah was suppose to only give me one present. She bought me a super cute dress that I love and will post pictures of later. But then she decided at about 11pm Saturday night to give me another present....a weekend and the week thus far of no sleep. Wahoo! She started crying at about 11ish saturday night and did not stop crying till about 4:30 am...yep that is 5 hours of crying. Then she slept for a few hours and woke up and slept and woke up...each time waking up with a pleasant cry. We made it to Sacrament meeting at 1pm and only stayed for that meeting before we headed for home. She did sleep for a little bit Sunday night but woke up many times screaming crying and it was just soo much fun.
Right now she is still awake at 10:45pm and I am hoping she will get some sleep tonight that won't require me holding her. She is playing on the floor right now without crying...it might be a good sign? I think she is teething but has yet to break a tooth thru that pink gum line of hers.....but she has tons of snot...a low grade fever....chews on everything....and is so cranky. She also might have a cold since I have a scratchy throat now...but my scratchy throat can be attributed to no sleep.
Anyway, I am alive and well, I had a great birthday...hopefully by next week I will have some better pictures to share and a sleeping baby again.


lntaylormade said...

Happy Birthday Tiana!!! I love you!! And the wii is the best! We played the WII fitness over Christmas and is was so much fun.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to you!! I am sad though that your little one is having such a hard time. I know that's no fun!! But atleast you got some awesome presents!! Congrats!!