Monday, January 19, 2009

The last week in Utah (Day 11 thru 18)

So our last week in Utah and I can fit all the pictures I took that week in one post. I must of taken too many pictures the first week we were there and ran out of energy with the picture taking finger. Anyway. Enjoy.

Sariah, Me, and Rachel before she boards a plane for VA.

These pictures of Abe and Sariah are great because they not only are both wearing cute brown outfits that match (and it wasn't planned) but they are drinking each other's sippy cups. They kept doing this through out the time they were together, trading sippy cups or finding the other person's and taking it. It was funny to be and they are just so cute together.

My little impish princess.

Can you believe that they are only 6 months apart?

Pops and AJ making the same is so darn cute!

Dad, Patty, and the girls came down to Tallies on New Year's Day to play. It was a lot of fun just hanging out playing games and chatting. That is when we came up with Pops and Honey, which is what they wanted to be called instead of Grandpa and Grandma....Patty is just too young to be a Grandma. :)

I was able to go up to Park City twice while in Utah to visit some friends in my old office. Sadly I only took one picture out of all my friends that are up there I only took one. I can't believe it. I also did not go skiing while up there which I can't believe I chose not to do...what was I thinking? But I did get to see my friends.
Me, Sariah, and Deby

While I was up in Park City with Sariah Justin opted to stay at home with his Uncles because they were soooo much more fun then driving in a car. One day he was out playing with an Uncle (who shall remain nameless) in the igloo. They were poking sticks back and forth to each other thru the igloo walls. Well one of the sticks got poked right into my little man's eye. Good thing it didn't poke an eye out and only required a butterfly bandage and no stitches. Boys will be boys and what might seem fun, isn't always the brightest thing to do.
Notice the bandage on his left eye.

Grandpa loves to hold the babies.

My cute friend Jenny who lives in Oakley was able to come down and visit for a bit. It was so nice to see her and her husband. They have been great friends for a good long time. Since like 2002...which is a long time in my book. Jenny took the pictures at our wedding...which are amazing. (wedding pics are here if you want to see)

Kurt is in the background of this can tell that I am not the greatest photographer.
Sariah is just so adorable in her very first hair bow picture. I love this headband and flower clip. I can't believe it took me 7 months before I started putting things in her hair...what is my problem. She should be a baby model.

On our way out of Utah there was a massive snow storm which had us waiting in the airport for a little bit longer then expected. The kiddos had a fun time playing together.

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