Monday, January 19, 2009

Red Load of Laundry

So I just have to post this really quick before I go to bed.
Laundry seems to never end. Seriously how can I get all of it clean if they are still wearing clothes?
While I was posting my 2 blogs this evening I was also doing laundry.
For some reason I find it very odd that I get so much enjoyment out of the fact that I now have a full load of reds to do each time I do laundry. Who gets excited about that? Me that is who!
I must be going crazy or really love being a mom and housewife to find so much enjoyment out of laundry.
As a single person I only had a few items of clothing that would be considered appropriate to go into a red load, so they would end up in a load of darks. When I married James my cute little man Justin added a few red shirts to what I had and it still didn't even come close to making a full red load.
Then our cute little girl came into the mix 8 months ago and presto chango we have a full red load with all the pinks and purples she has added to our laundry. Wahoo!
Seriously I think I need to get my head examined for even sharing this bit of information...who rejoices over laundry?
But as I am sitting here and thinking about my red load of laundry and where my life has come from within the past 2 years, I am so grateful for my laundry and all who contribute to my red load. The Lord has blessed me beyond what I deserve and given me so much more then I ever thought possible when he placed James in my life. I feel blessed this evening as I finish folding my red load and get ready to go to bed, I wanted to share that I am grateful for my red load and my beautiful family.
The simple pleasures of life, laundry, and lovin'.


Sandy said...

Hey thank yo so much for this post, I so needed it. I do a LOT of laundry every day. At least two full red batches each week- in addition to several dark, white and khaki batches, some linen batches and with a bed wetter on board a batch of sheets and blankets every morning.

It is good to be reminded that those many batches of laundry mean many little ones to love and enjoy.

I was once told that laundry is a journey, not a destination. Very inspirational eh?

Our Little World said...

That is very cool. It's amazing how something so simple can make you reflect on your blessings!