Thursday, January 8, 2009

Visiting Utah (Day 1)

Our Day started off super early...we had to be out of our place by 5 in the morning to catch our 7am flight. This was made possible by our wonderful chauffeur Beth who took us to the airport. She is amazing! We got to spend most of our first day in Utah instead of traveling because we left so early. Even though I didn't get much sleep due to lack of packing and Sariah's sleep habits, it was nice to spend the day relaxing at Mom's house.

Grandma Ladybug and Sariah
She still doesn't crawl but Grandma was doing her best to encourage her.

Kisses and Giggles with Grandma

Justin and Cousin Sean (notice everyone is in blue shirts, James is sitting in the back ground with Sariah)

Figuring out the high chair thing for the first time.

Abraham and Sariah eating yummy cookies on Grandma's couch....when I was growing up food wasn't allowed in the front babies get to eat cookies in there...times sure have changed.

Abe and Sariah are going to be best of friends...we hope!

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Anna and Stephen said...

Pretty sure that Sariah is a doll. She is beautiful. And I'm glad you had fun in UT! :)