Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 different Kiddos....lots of love!

This evening I had an opportunity to have a conversation with my most adorable 7 year old that I want to remember. Tonight it was just him and me on the couch for scriptures. Sariah was in bed already and James is at a conference all weekend. So we were chatting after scriptures about our family and he asked me some questions about his birth mother. He was going about it in a round about way and then finally he came out with it after a few probing questions from me. He was asking me what it was about him that made her not love him. Now if you know my Justin you know there is nothing about him that is unlovable. He is the greatest kid! Yes he is a normal 7 year old that gets whiny, sassy, argues and makes the general 7 year old mistakes. But he is awesome and so kind and loving at the same time!
Well the next 30 or so minutes was spent hugging and talking about all the great things that are Justin and explaining to him that he did nothing to make his birth mother not love him. That it was something wrong with her not him. My little man Justin has had a rough start at life and it's hard for his little 7 year old mind to understand it all. As we sat and talked I explained to him what it meant for him to be born from my heart. He told me that he wishes he would of been born from my belly because things don't grow in the heart. And I told him, "love grows in your heart and that is where you were grown, in my heart." I hope each day I can shower him with love so that he knows that even though he was not born from my stomach he was born in my heart and will always be right there in my heart! Now this little cuteness has forgone naps for the past 3 days. I think she is teething and misery is her middle name right now. She was so sad today it seemed that nothing could please her. While I love her and all her cuteness that she is....crying for 3 hours is really hard on the mommy too. Please teeth either come in now or leave....I don't know if I can take any more teething....tylenol is our friend.


katie said...

Tiana you are such a great mom! Keep up the good work, :o)

Anna and Stephen said...

You are such a great mom, and you handled the adoption questions well. I am currently writing a non-fiction play about my family and what it was like to have adopted and "biological to the parents" kids in one family. It is very interesting, but one thing that everyone agrees with is that it was worth it, and it created a greater ability to love and understanding of love in all of us. :)

Our Little World said...

Oh Tiana, that is so beautiful. What a great conversation to have with him and you handled it so well. He must be proud that you are his mama. Yes, he had a rough start, but he's not going to have a continuance of that. He now has a great mom that loves him and cares for him and isn't going anywhere! I can't wait for you guys to be sealed.

And as you know, I can totally sympathize with the other cuteness you have in the house!

Walkers said...

Tiana- that story with Justin is so sad and so beautiful- you are such a great mom! Aleksa had a hard time breaking teeth too- one thing we found that worked were Hyland's Teething Tablets- you can get them at walgreens- they seemed to help cut the pain.