Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celebrating Justin

I am so far behind on posts it's not even funny. This week has been spring break, so my schedule is all off. But I wanted to get these pictures up before it was too late.
The day that the adoption was final we wanted to make sure that Justin felt how special this day was and how grateful we are that he is a part of our family.
I let him choose pretty much whatever he wanted to do this day. He chose to go back to school and have Sariah and I come there for lunch. Sariah and I went and picked up Subway and brought it to school to eat with Justin. No pictures were taken of lunch.
Then after school we went to The Tubes and played for an hour before going home to do homework and chores. No pictures were taken then either.
But as soon as Dad came home we went out to dinner to the Seoul Garden, Justin's choice! It was an awesome dinner and I took pictures!! Seoul Garden is a Korean restaurant that we love. This was our second visit and the food was great. Justin loves the rice and is really good at using his chopsticks.

Daddy and Justin and his little dog that he named Lukas.

Sariah has been doing this scrunchy face thing when she smiles and it makes me giggle.

Her bib says I love my big brother...and it's so true. Seriously Sariah wants to do everything Justin does. When we pick him up from school she is all smiles and giggles. It is awesome how great they get along and love each other. I really think they have a bond that will last forever and ever. I really hope it doesn't change as they get older.

Here is all the yummy food. You can't see our soup that was beyond the water glass but it was yummy. The meat is cooking right there in the middle of the table and all the sides to go with it. I really enjoyed the kimchi this time. It was just so yummy.

Okay so I had to take 4 pictures to get them all looking at the camera. I think it's funny that the first 2 Sariah is looking at James and then the 3rd one Justin is looking at Sariah. The last one is my favorite of course. It made me laugh taking these pictures.

The loves of my life!

I thank Heavenly Father every day for my wonderful family! They make it all worth it!


Anonymous said...

T-in all of these pictures I can see the sparkle that made me want to be your friend 12 years ago. I missed seeing that sparkle for a while, and I am SO HAPPY to see it again. Thank you James and Justin and Sariah for making my best friend happy again!!!!! I can't wait to see you.

The Jones Family said...

I just want you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog and love your little family! You guys are adorable and you look SO happy! I'm so glad for you! Congrats to all of you on Justin's adoption! :)

Anonymous said...

First of all, Congratulations on the adoption.

Second, Stop making me hungry and jealous of your Korean Food. It's not very Christiean of you. ;) Maybe we should double date when you get to SLC and go for some Korean.

Finally, I am glad I won't have to GIMP any photos for you. LOL. Cute pics.

Our Little World said...

The last 2 pics are perfect! The scrunchy face is hilarious. What a wonderful celebration. I'll have to check out that place...never eaten Korean food. YUMMO!