Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs

The night before we left for our trip to Utah we colored some easter eggs to surprise Dad while we were gone. We wanted to make sure Dad wouldn't miss us too much.

Here is our egg handler with all of his colors.

Some of the eggs before they get dipped.

Coloring in progress

I love this smile.

Although Sariah was unable to play with the colors she was still present roaming around on the ground and getting into stuff.

Entertainment while we wait for the eggs to get dark enough...blowing bubbles.

Sariah loves bubbles.

The finished product


The Jones Family said...

Lovely eggs!! We're still deciding if we're going to dye any or not. Abhisneha may still be a little young...

Our Little World said...

Oh they are beautiful! What a wonderful surprise! And I love Justin's smile is quite dazzling!

And I feel like telling you that you are a great, supportive, amazing friend! Thank you for being you!