Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pickle Eater

Some people thinks it's weird what I let my baby eat. Like she has yet to eat any type of meat, cheese, or egg but I let her eat things like tortilla chips, ice, and pickles. She loves things and I share them with her. I can't remember how old she was when she first ate a pickle but she seriously loves them!

She has been closing her eyes or squinting her eyes recently when I have been taking pictures of her. It's so funny. You can see in these picture that there are still no teeth in her mouth!


Watch out those eyes mean business!

She eats all the stuff out of the middle and spits out the peel.


Anonymous said...

Justice looked at these pics with me and said, "Oh mom, that baby is so cute! I think I love her!" When I told him Sariah was "Aunt Tiana's" baby, he said, "We need to go visit that baby so I can give her a hug! I hug her mommy too!"

jkmace said...

I love these pictures! I can remember giving my little one a pickle and people did this it was strange, but she still loves them to this day! Adorable!!Good luck on your upcoming "special day" I will be with you in heart!!

Our Little World said...

Oh my goodness, I literally started laughing out loud. Those are some of the best baby pictures I have seen in some time. Classic! And I think it's amazing how Sariah eats food and if it's too big or chokeable she spits it out!