Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunting the Eggs

Saturday morning before we went up to the temple we did an Egg Hunt at the local high school. Justin was hanging out with Grandpa at the big kids section and James and I were with the little guys. We had my nephew Sean with us. He is 3 and so adorable. It was rainy and cold so the kiddos were freezing. But they had fun.

Sariah trying to take stuff out of Sean's basket and AJ is wanting some of his candy.

Running away AJ

Mom can I please have some candy AJ asks.

Squished up against Sariah they finally all looked at the camera.

Happy baby girl with her Daddy.

Later that night we had an egg hunt with just Justin and Sariah.

Sariah's eggs were thrown in the middle of the floor.

Sariah just wanted to do what Justin was doing.

It was so cute that she kept copying him.

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