Friday, April 17, 2009


The whole purpose of our quick trip to Utah was for our family to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. A sealing is an ordinance performed in the temple eternally uniting a husband and wife, children and their parents. It was such an amazing experience to be in the temple with my husband and 2 children. The reason we got sealed in Utah was so that my extended family could attend the ceremony as well. Such an awesome feeling to be with those you love in the temple.

I was such a stress case all morning long before we were to be at the temple. As we drove to Salt Lake my heart was beating seriously like a jack rabbit. I kept thinking that something was going to go wrong right up to the point when they finished checking all our paper work. Once the paper work was done the stress was gone, my heart rate dropped and I was calm. I must of been worried that they were going to find a paper missing or something and not let us get sealed. Anyway, it was such a great feeling to get sealed to my sweetheart and an even more precious moment to have my beautiful children at the altar.

I was so worried that Sariah would cry the whole time but she was a peaceful angel as she slept in my mom's arms. It was so precious to watch her sleep as my mom held her. It was such a cute moment I will remember forever for sure.

Justin was as happy as a clam and so cute. It was hard for him to contain his excitement in a reverent place but he did great. I am so lucky to be his mom. He is an awesome kid!

Oh the memories are good ones for sure! We had such great support from family and friends. The following pictures were taken by my wonderful friend Jenny. She did an awesome job, Thank you!

This was seriously such a beautiful experience to share with my little family. We are so grateful for the power to sealing families together forever.

You can see that it was a cloudy rainy day but there was so much sunshine in our hearts that even the clouds couldn't spoil our day.

Families are Forever

These are some of the missionaries that we love at our house. Actually Sister Malia Horton is probably our all time favorite, she is the one standing next to James. She is one of the reasons why James decided to get married again...maybe I will have him blog about it on another day. Just know that we are eternally grateful for Malia in our family!

Sariah sure does love her daddy!


Oh my tough little man

Her expressions are priceless.


My dad was able to come up from AZ and attend the sealing as well, thanks Pops and Honey!

Clapping for her family
There are a few people who are missing from this photo but this is the crew who came out to support us. You might notice that my mom is also dressed in white. She got to be a part of the sealing as she held a sleeping Sariah at the was such a precious moment.

Thank you for sharing in our happy day.


The Jones Family said...

Wow! I'm nearly in tears looking at your photos! Britt and I can't wait until we're able to be sealed to our little girl, but it seems so far away with all the mess with the legal side of the adoption. I know you must be so thrilled to be sealed to your lovely little family, and I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Tiana-I'm so proud of you and so happy for you. Your family is just beautiful! I can't wait to see you!!!!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Love all the pictures! So proud of all of you! Wish we could have been there!
Love ya!

Jeff and Kimberly said...

What a happy day! Congrats! What a cute little family!

Janadt.Huggins said...

These pictures are so AWESOME. You are a beautiful family!

Our Little World said...

Amazing and I LOVE the pics. They turned out awesome!

Amanda Cluff said...

Tiana that is so awesome! I am so happy for you. I have seen recently how being sealed in the temple can change your life. I wish you and your family the best.

CaraDee said...

I've been meaning to comment for a long time now. Just wanted to say congratulations and also how beautiful you look. All the photos are wonderful.

Walkers said...

Oh Tiana! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Your family looks so beautiful and happy all in white. A forever family is the best!

Renee and Jake said...

I love the shot of you guys walking and talking. I know it took a while to comment but like I stated earlier, I do not log in as often.