Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break pics from the Dallas Arboretum

Spring Break was like 2 weeks ago and it has taken me that long to get these pictures uploaded. There are some fun pics of our time at the Arboretum. I was really impressed when we went a few weeks ago how well they have updated things to be a little more kid friendly. They have this exhibit going on throughout the park where kids can climb inside these model houses designed around fairytale stories. Justin and Joseph both loved it. Justin is 7 and Joesph is 3. Anyway, now on to the pictures.

There are 4 of these frogs shooting water, if it would of been a warmer day I would of let Justin get super wet but it was just a little chilly.

So he only touched the water with his hands.

Posing with a pirate in front of the Treasure Island house.

Loving the shade in the stroller

The Eragon Dragon house.

Here are the dragon scales.

Justin's favorite fairytale is Petter Pan. His Uncle Paul got it for him on his 6th birthday and he has watched that movie over 100 times. He loves it. So when I let him take the camera into the Jolly Roger he made sure to get a picture of Peter Pan's signature.

The Jolly Roger

Just relaxing with some chex.

Justin loved these giant Koi fish. He took like 5 pictures of them....I thought this one was great with his shadow and the big fish.

Here are the 3 of us in front of one of the waterfall's. Sariah is being a gangster with one of her pant legs pulled up.

Cutie Tootie

Seriously he is getting so tall...I am going to have to get him a whole new set of shorts for the summer.

This was a Dr Suess house that had lots of things to play with and explore.

So I tried to capture the kiddos with the tulips, there were so many beautiful tulips everywhere....this was an interesting look into how my kids interact...Justin has sooo much patience for a 7 year old.

Here look mom I got a leaf says Sariah.

RRRR Mom quit taking pictures of us

Sariah says...I think Justin farted...Hee hee says Justin.

Seriously these pictures don't do justice of how beautiful all the flowers looked.

Sariah and me in front of some pretty purple flowers...I love purple flowers!


Cherry Blossoms said...

You look fabulous! You lost tons of weight! Woo hoo sexy mama!

Anonymous said...

T-you look so good!!! your babe isn't too bad either. :)