Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break pics from the Dallas Zoo

We went to the Dallas Zoo on a Friday with some great friends. Here is January and the kiddos in front of the elephant statues.

Me and the kiddos...same statues.

Our little monkeys.

The meerkat's

Striking a pose
I love my kids!

Cutie tootie January and Anner

Taking a lunch break

My little buddy Annabelle

Kids looking at the flamingos!

The 2 baby giraffe's and Momma giraffe...can you see them?

The elephant didn't have room to trun around so he had to back up to get out...this was sad. Poor elephant's habitat wasn't big enough for him.

Justin is petting this furry animal...I don't know what it is? Anyone?

Sariah is petting the rabbitt....she thought it was the greatest. We need to go to a petting zoo next.

Monkey's swinging from the trees.

Justin is a great little photographer.

The Rhino

There are 3 cheetah's behind that wire fence...can you see them?

Such a handsome boy I have!

The bongo's?

It's a llama

I can't remember the name of this funny bird.

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Our Little World said...

Hey, email me the pics! They turned out so cute! We had so much fun with you usual!