Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Arizona Wedding

A few weekends ago we made a very quick trip to Arizona to go to a good friends wedding. We are so grateful that we took the time to see our friend marry her bestest friend. . It took us 19 hours to drive to Mesa from Texas. We left on a Thursday afternoon and got there in the early morning hours on Friday. Then we left Arizona on Monday morning at around 4 am and got home about 18 hours later. Oh the joy of driving in a car with 2 kiddos for a long period of time can not be explained, you must experience it first hand. But the trip was well worth it. There will be more posts to come about the rest of our trip in AZ but here are the pictures from the wedding.

Soaking in the rays of sunshine!

I love my sexy man!

The happy couple

So cute

Us and the happy couple on their special day! Congrats to you guys, we hope to see you again soon!