Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Saturday BBQ

I think this BBQ was over a month ago, I am so sorry that I haven't posted the pictures. We took time to go to our favorite park with James' little sister and her fiance. We love spending time with them. Justin and Sariah both love to be outside. It was great food and great fun!

This park is seriously huge, it has 4 ponds and tons of bike/walk/run/skate/whatever you want to do on trails. There area also multiple types of birds that live in/around the ponds.

Sariah watching her brother intently as he tries to catch a duck

He was so funny as he tried to catch one of the birds.

My little handsome man

She really does love her brother, he just squeezes to much sometimes.

Justin and Nia (Laines dog)

Miguel and the watermelon

James and his sister Laine

Trying to get a hug from an energetic 7 year old can be tough.

But Laine is quick and strong

A successful picture and hug!

She was tired at the end of it all.


Bethanie Vanbuskirk said...

Holy CRAP! I had no idea Laine is James' sister! She is my friend and in my class at Parker! Small world! Laine is awesome, and awesomely hippy. We really enjoy her in our class. Much love,
Josh VanBuskirk

Megan and Vinny said...

looks like a super fun day!

Emily said...

Hey, I know that park! That's right by where my parents live! I love that place.