Saturday, May 23, 2009

Celebrating Sariah!!

It was so much fun to have a party to celebrate our little princess turning 1. We had great friends come over to visit, yummy treats, and lots of smiles.

Justin loves entertaining and playing with his sister everyday, here they are before the party begins.

She kept wanting to know what he was doing so she wouldn't look at the camera.

She asks Beth...."Did you bring me a present?"

Cute puppets from friends.

PJ's and bath balls from Beth

Cake time....she looks confused..."Why are all these people singing Mom?"

You can see the smoke coming off the candle. She wanted to touch it so bad. Thank goodness I was quick to notice.

She loved eating her ladybug cupcake.

We also had yummy Popsicles instead of ice cream. (So much easier to clean up!!!)

Birthday Beauty! Notice the red icing might not of been the best color for the icing, good thing I dressed her in red too.

More presents!

"Look Mom it's a ladybug on the dress from Grandma Ladybug! I love it!!" (Seriously she gave the dress a kiss ...she loved it that much!)

The toy that I don't know the name of was a big hit. She was walking everywhere and loving it.

She has such skinny legs.

Mommy and the Birthday Girl! So happy are we!

Aunt Laine and Uncle Miguel with little Miss. You can see how she is grabbing on to Miguel. She kept wanting to give him kisses. It was way cute.

Big Brother and Laine and Miguel

I loved this picture of Sariah at the end of the party. She climbed up on the couch and just chilled with our friend Brandon. It was so cute. She would of fallen asleep, she was so worn out, but I grabbed her and put her in the bath.

Playing with Daddy before bath time.

Giving Daddy Kisses. Baby girl loves to give her Daddy kisses.

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Megan and Vinny said...

looks like the best birthday party ever! just a side note - ladybugs mean good luck in chinese adoption. so, hopefully your ladybug fiesta sent some luck to us in california! happy birthday little one!