Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day as a Texan

We spent Memorial Day with one of my good friends Beth and her fam. It was lots of good food and fun times.

Beth got Sariah this swimsuit for her birthday so we had to wear it at the pool with Beth to witness before we moved away to Arizona.
Daddy and Baby Girl getting used to the water.

Justin loves to swim. He jumped right in and away he went. He is such a good little swimmer.

These puppies are sooo cute and if we ever get a dog I would like to get one of these cute little guys.

The Grill Master. Oh it was sooo yummy.

Daddy and Baby Girl. She was so tired and had sunscreen in her hair to make that fancy do.

I got in the pool for a few minutes with Sariah. She really was too tired to enjoy it this time. But I am sure after many a hot day in AZ she will love the pool.

He is such a cutie, gotta love the smile!


CaraDee said...

I'm sorry, did I know you were moving? I think those moving boxes were a big clue, but still...Good luck!

Mark & Julia said...

What takes you to AZ and what city are you moving to? It loooks like you guys are doing awesome!

Manda said...

So funny! As soon as I saw Beth I was all "hey! It's Beth Johnson!" Then I saw Papa Johnon in his natural habitat.. at the grill. Love it! I miss those Johnsons!