Thursday, May 28, 2009


I really dislike packing with a passion. I thought I would just say it out loud and let the world know that I truly despise organizing boxes and suitcases for long extended periods of time. I dislike living without all of my stuff accessible. If anyone would like to come and do it for me, you are totally invited. Please call first so I know that you are coming and you don't show up to a mess and me screaming at a box.
Seriously, why is it such a stress to pack? Why am I making this such a stress. I really wish I had a fairy godmother who could just bippity boppity boo and make every thing so nice and organized. Organization was never ever my middle name, just ask a number of my college roommates, mission companions, or any family member and they could tell you that procrastination was more of my middle name.
I like every thing to be clean when I pack it as well, this makes it even harder. Clothing is the last thing to be packed because I so strongly dislike traveling with dirty clothes. Downside to having children is that they are always dirtying their clothing which means I am constantly having to travel with dirty clothing or they look like white trash half the time. Maybe by the time I am 50 and have 5 plus kids I won't care as much and I will be a pro at this packing thing. Or maybe we will have maids, LOL.

Doing his best at helping...LOL. In all seriousness Justin is a huge help when it comes to cleaning the house. He likes things to be neat, especially his room. He might be a little OCD in cleaning his room at times having to organize it all. He is a great helper!Doing her best to get me to pick her up when I want to be packing.
Just the beginning not even close to 1/4th of the way done. Taken 10 days before we pack the truck.


Jamie J Stansfield said...

oh wow good luck! Up until now moving was a pain but we really didn't have much so it wasn't as bad as it will be the next time we move. I can't imagine having to move all this stuff but someday we will have too! Good luck! It will be over some day! I'm game for having maids in the future as well! Oh and I never did say thank you for my notepad thing you gave me! I love it! It is really helpful to have it on the fridge for list making! Thanks a TON!

Jenn said...

I need your new address now. I have your "pay it forward" treat done, I've just been waiting to mail it. Enjoy moving (gag, gag)!

Diana said...

Sadley it only gets worse with the more kids you have. The last time we moved I thought I was going to die and we have now vowed to never move again!!! GOOD LUCK:)

Anonymous said...

I wish we lived closer...I would help you! Hang in there chica!

Mills Ohana said...

Hang in there little camper! WIsh we could be there to help. Where are you moving to?

lntaylormade said...

YAY I get to keep you in AZ!!! Although we wont officially be moved back until November. I will come visit at the end of July. I need your address so I can send you an invite to my baby shower! It will be in the beginning of August! What brought on the big move? And where exactly in AZ are you going to be?