Friday, May 15, 2009

Organ Stop Pizza

While we were in AZ visiting, we were taken to this awesome pizza place that the kiddos loved...ok we adults loved it too. It's called Organ Stop Pizza and if you are ever in the Mesa area you should totally check it out. There is this big organ in the front of this huge room and they play music while you eat pizza. It's a fun atmosphere and the food is your typical pizza joint type of food. I think it would be fun to take a group date there to eat pizza and play games while the music played. I think I have some video that I might post of the guy playing the organ to convince you to go out and experience Organ Stop Pizza.

Honey, Justin, and Menleigh

Laurel Lou
Silly Me

Laurel and Justin huggin. They are about 9 months apart in age and in the same grade. She thinks it's awesome that she is his aunt.

Sariah ate spaghetti while we were out....she likes the crust on pizza bread but not the rest of the stuff on there.

Pops and Sariah dancing to the music

Justin got a little crazy with all the excitement and pizza.

Cutie Tootie Brynn


Harshes said...

I have a friend who keeps telling me to go there and we never do! We'll have to go next time we are in AZ for sure!

Luke and Niki said...

Got to love that Organ Stop Pizza! I cant believe you might be moving to AZ at the end of this month!!! I will just pee my pants with excitment if you do! Then you can come to my baby shower in August!! I will visit there from july 27th through August 8th. I must see you! Anyways we will officialy move back to AZ at the end of November.

Oh and I love the name Hannah too but my niece is a Hannah!

Keep me posted on the move!

Walkers said...

I have only been to Arizona once, but I have been there too! It is really cool!