Saturday, May 16, 2009

Room Parent

Last year I volunteered in Justin's 1st grade class as an assistant room parent. It seemed pretty easy to me and thought I would be ambitious this year to volunteer and be the lead room parent for all of 2nd grade plus Justin's class. The year went pretty good but then came Teacher Appreciation Week and boy howdy I stepped in way over my head, most likely I won't be volunteering to do it again. This year I was able to wear Sariah in the Baby Bjorn while at the school. She won't be as containable in the years to come.
I realized why I didn't become a teacher this past week as I spent every lunch and recess at Justin's school monitoring 4 second grade classrooms. It's good to know that Justin is a normal 7 year old with lots of energy just like the rest of the 85 students in his grade level. I am grateful to have just one 7 year old at home to love. He is so loveable and so much easier to take care of then 85. Thank goodness it's not possible for me to have 85 children all at once.

Here are some pictures from the week I was there.

Lunch time, Justin is on the right with the red lunch box.

More lunch duty, Justin is in the back. You can see his face right about the 2 fingers that are being held up in a peace sign.


Diana said...

I hear yea! I am over all the room moms at my kids school. That week is a hard one. But I would not have any other way. I love to be at the school and be involed with things that go on there.

Our Little World said...

You are an awesome mama! Wow, that must have been a lot of work. I couldn't have done that right now! And yes, I agree, thank goodness we can only have one (most of the time) child at a time!

Renee and Jake said...

I understand 100%. Last year, I was the room sponsor/mother and was pregnant at the same time.I did not realize so much went into it. So this year, when asked, I said I would assist but could not be the primary sponsor and I still spend toms of time there with two other kiddos. I am sure next year, I will be there just as often or more with two in school but at least I will not be pregnant or lugging around two more, just Will.