Monday, June 15, 2009

California Part 2---The Family Reunion

The reunion was filled with lots of people I didn't know and while it was fun to meet a lot of people, I must admit that I mostly stayed around the kiddos.

Seriously I am not one of those people who dress her kids in matching colors being that Justin is almost 8 he can pick out his own clothing. I think it is a cute coincidence that they are wearing the same colors. They really are the cutest kids.

People playing volleyball on the lawn.

Justin really loved riding the bike the whole time he was at Grandma's and Grandpa's House.

Some of our awesome Cousins that we love.

Sariah is 3 months younger then the cutie girl in red and about 9 months younger then the cute boy in orange and they are sooo much bigger then her. It didn't stop them from playing together and having a blast.

Cute Cousins.

Sariah had her first lollipop given to her by her Great Grandpapa... it was a hit!

There was no taking this treat away.

The 2 sharing the car as best they can.

They both loved these 2 toys.
"Hey can you push me on this thing?"

"I am just going to push it myself"


Everyone watching the kiddos play.

Grandma and Grandpa, We love you!!

Oh I just love this face

He loves his Grandpa too.

Some cousins introduced Sariah to the water fountain.

She loved it and got soaking wet.

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