Tuesday, June 16, 2009

California Part 3- Hanks Baby Blessing

The day after the reunion we made the kids get back in the car for a four hour drive to see my sister Gretchen and her cutie little family. It was a special day for Gretchen's fam because her little Hank was getting blessed at church.
Uncle Luke (my youngest brother) and Baby Hank
Luke, Hank, Grandpa Kent, and Grandma Ladybug

We also got to celebrate Grandpa Kent's birthday while at Gretchen's

Luke and Justin get along really well....sometimes too well, they fight like brothers....but they love like brothers too!

Paul doesn't like getting his picture taken so I had to sneak this one in. We love Uncle Paul

Grandpa Kent was sharing cake with Sariah and this is what she thought of it.

Happy Birthday Dad

Super Hank...He is just so cute!

Sariah really does love her daddy.

Mark giving Justin a ride on his shoulders to the house.

James and Sariah

I loved being able to go see my sister Gretchen and spend time with her cute little family. She is a great mom and so much fun. I thought it was interesting that Gretchen and I were wearing the same colors that day, steel blue and white. Not even planned. Next time we go we need to spend more time with them.

Sariah watching Hank in the bumbo.

After Hank got out she got in to reminisce about the days in her bumbo.

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