Tuesday, June 16, 2009

California Part 4- Sequoia National Forest

While in California we went with James' grandparents to venture into the Sequoia National Forest. It was awesome. They only lived about 45 minutes from the entrance the the forest and about 2 hours from these beautiful trees. I loved it!

Here is Daddy with the Kiddos

The big tress

It was such perfect weather, James loved it!

The biggest tree in the Sequoia National Forest is called the General Sherman. We had to take a little hike down to see it. Grandpa and Sariah stayed in the car for a rest. Both of them were still snoozing when we came back an hour later.
Here is the group that hiked down to the big one.

Playing around

Father and Son...my cute men!

Grandma and James chattin. Grandma was able to walk down to the tree and then walked out the handicap accessible location at the bottom with Justin. This made it easier for them not to have to walk back up to the car and we picked them up on the way out.

Justin kept wanting to touch the moss on the trees so when we found a tree close to the path that had fallen and had moss on it I took a picture. Such an inquisitive little guy.

The tree in the middle is the big one, General Sherman

I thought this one looked like it had a nose.

Justin and Dad next to the General

Not an attractive picture of me at all!! But here we are in front of the biggest tree in width. There are Redwood trees that are taller but General Sherman keeps growing each year in width.

Another big one.

In between 2 big trees.

Cutie Sariah was so not a fan of being in her car seat again. But I got sort of a smile out of her.

A Junior Park Ranger Badge? Who could that belong to?

Fun for Justin at the national park, he was officially sworn in as a Junior Park Ranger.

I give the Sequoia National Forest 2 thumbs up, great family fun for all ages involved. Definitely a family memory that all should have.

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