Monday, June 1, 2009

For Laine

One of the greatest things about Texas was getting to spend time with Laine and Miguel. Laine is James' half sister...they are about 8 years apart in age I think...I can't remember so don't take that as fact. What you can take as a fact though is that I really enjoyed getting to know Laine and Miguel on our once a month dinners or whatever's. They are such an awesome couple and fun to be around. Very laid back and have lots of love, very accepting.
It was nice to have some family close and we can hardly wait for their wedding. Hopefully Sariah will be big enough to be the flower girl...she will be almost 2 do you think she can do it? Justin will be almost 9 and of course will be able to do his part as the ring bearer....he has had practice. The next few pics are all of Sariah with Laine and Miguel, Justin wasn't in the picture taking mood. But he did love to snuggle up with his Aunt Laine and give her a good long hug goodbye. I should of snapped a pic at that time but didn't want to ruin the mood.

We love you Laine and Miguel! Please come visit us in Arizona if you have the time.

Laine and Miguel got Sariah this outfit at Christmas time. It fits perfectly right now.

Little Miss Puma

Trying to capture the vogue pose.

Kiss me.

Yummy potatoes with salsa

She just started using the spoon when she was wearing her new outfit. Such a cutie.

Laine and Miguel Thank you for loving us.... We love you and will miss seeing you!

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