Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We got pictures

I have this awesome friend who I think is inspiring. We are similar in lots of ways and different in some other ways that make me think and look at things from another point of view. I truly value her friendship and opinion soo much. Anyway, She is about to give birthday to her #4 child. She has written all about it here.

We didn't get pictures taken together until 2 days before I left. I just wanted to post these pictures and let her know, and the rest of you, how awesome she is and how grateful I am for her friendship. I know that this little munchkin that is coming to her family is going to be an amazing experience for all of them. I wish I could be there to help out more. But for now they just get lots of love from afar. You can do it!

All of the girls at a little party to celebrate munchkin #4

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Our Little World said...

Ahhh mama, thank you! And why did we have to wait to take pictures until after I was super chubs? LOL. Ah well. That night was fun. You are so beautiful and I miss you tons already. Now I am planning a trip to AZ...maybe me and this munchkin can fly out one weekend. ;-) Love you!