Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Serious Hair Issues

My cute little gal has serious hair issues....I mean issue because of the fact that she will not keep a hair accessory on top of her head. I love her hair and I want it to grow super long like her mama's. But she also has the prettiest eyes that I want everyone to be able to see and I want her to be able to see everything in the world around her.
Here is a side view of the great length her hair was at a few weeks ago. These adorable pig tails were put in her hair 5 minutes before we left for church. She managed to get one side out in the 5 minutes before we got to church. She pulled the other one out before the opening hymn was even playing. I managed to do a pig tail right on top of her head that she couldn't reach but it was too funny for me to keep it in the whole day and take a picture.

There are a few rare moments when she will let me put in these cute hair accessories...they last maybe 10 minutes before she pulls them out. She kept this cute one in from Cherry Blossoms for almost an hour one was so amazing that I took a picture.

Seriously what am I to do? Am I destined to have a cute adorable girl with hair issues? Help!!!


Paige said...

I hear ya! Drives me crazy too. Thats why Erin had bangs until she was 3 (when I could reason and negotiate with her) and that is why Anya has a mullet right now! Good luck! I did see a cute little girl at church whose mom had braided the front part of her hair on both sides away from her face. That girl had thick hair though -- mine don't. Let me know if you find a solution.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the little clear rubberbands? I think they are called ouchless (maybe). They make a tiny size (like the size of braces rubberbands) that work great in thinish hair. I ALWAYS put one of these in first. They are super stretchy so you can get them good and tight. Then you put whatever accessories you want over them. Even with a clip like that cute flower would have a rubberband underneath it. Bri is 3 and she still can't get these things out. They work like a charm!! If you can't find them at Walmart or Target, I know you can get them at Sally's beauty supply. Good luck! Cute little red outfit by the way. :)

Tiana said...

Oh I totally forgot about those little rubber bands...I totally didn't even think they would work with little kiddos. Thanks for the advice! I don't have the desire to do bangs takes soooo long for her hair to grow!

Parks Family said...

What girl doesn't have hair issues. I think she is a cutie either way. We use the rubber bands as well and have had success with them. You might just have to wait till she turns 5 and wants to do her hair herself with 10 different bows clipped in her hair in random places. Ah the joys of little girls!

Jamie J Stansfield said...

It's so hard isn't it?! Paisley has a total mullet right now...the dilemma...cut it or not to cut it? It looks great in pig tails but just like your lady she rips them out! If i can get them tight enough with the before mentioned rubber bands I can at least battle with her but then sometimes she pulls out some hair with them and she doesn't have enough to sacrifcie! I think with Libby I was just consistent. The more you put in the ponies the more they will get used to them. But it definitely takes time! Now Liberty will let me do whatever I want for the most part. Good luck!