Monday, September 7, 2009

Camp LoMia Weekend

Last weekend our ward had a camp out up at the ever popular Camp LoMia. This is the camp location where the Young Women go every summer for girls camp. It was a fun little location. Here is Sariah right after we got out of the car...she had a little trouble at first walking on the rocky road but she loved it.

Pops and Papa Moore where waiting for us in front of the cabin they had staked out.

This was the name of our cabin. It was the only cabin that had indoor plumbing. We were lucky. It was a nice one compared to all of the others. Thanks to Pops and Honey for getting this cabin and sharing it with us!

Justin found a tire swing and he loved it.

The campground has tons of blackberry bushes. They line the creek that is in the middle of the camp. It was awesome. We had so much fun picking them and eating them.

This is Sariah's little hand taking some blackberries out of James' hand. She loved them too.

Our hands were covered in juice.

Brynn fell in the creek while we were picking berries. I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch her in the creek but I got the wet backside.

James and I went for a little hike and he found a blue bellied lizard and caught it to show Justin.

The Lizard did not want to be caught.

You can see the blue belly and and it's tight grip on James' hand here.

Sariah loves her Pops.

Early Saturday morning James and Justin went out to pick more berries. Can u see them?

This is the creek they were picking in.

Sariah loved walking around on this bridge early in the morning. It was about 70 degrees up at Camp LoMia so she got to wear some warmer clothes not normal for hot August Arizona weather.

Little Miss has come to the stage in life were she does not like people picking her up just because they can pick her up...she has to give you permission to do so. If you don't have that permission this is the face she will make as she struggles to get away from you.

Playing in the dirt.

After breakfast James and I went for a hike with the little one. She was tired so we had her in the bjorn. Which for the most part she still loves to be in that thing....being that she is still tiny enough for it. She almost fell asleep while James was carrying her.

She got close to sleep but she wanted her Mama. So I turned her around in it and took off the extra hot sweater and out she went.

She just looks so peaceful as she sleeps.

It was a great trip and we really had a fun time with everyone.


Luke and Niki said...

Hey thats where i had girls camp every year!! LOL Glad you guys had fun and got to see the Grand Canyon finally!!!

Lindsey Walker said...

Hope you guys are having fun in AZ. Sure do miss you guys!!