Saturday, September 5, 2009

Visiting the Grand Canyon

On our way back to Arizona from Hugh's wedding we made a detour to the Grand Canyon. Neither James or I had ever been and we wanted to see it with our kiddos. We will be planning another trip when the munchkin is a little bit bigger so we can do some camping and hiking too. It is truly a beautiful place.

When we arrived it seemed a little smoggy. I didn't realize there was a problem with smog at the Grand Canyon. Later in our drive through Flagstaff we found out there was a fire going on in Flagstaff which made the Grand Canyon look all smoggy. I am glad it was just a fire that made the pictures look all smoggy and not pollution. Next time we will get better ones.

We entered the Grand Canyon at the East entrance and exited at the South entrance. We stopped at 5 look outs.
Here is our first look out. You can see the river in this shot.

Here is James with the kiddos. Justin has that fake smile going on again.

Our first look out had this pretty cool watch tower that you could climb up and see a good distance of the canyon.

I didn't get any pics while we were climbing up but I got some of them climbing down. Thanks to Daddy for carrying the baby girl.

On the move to the next look out.

So sad that you can't see the glorious Grand Canyon behind us in this shot. It was so beautiful. Stupid fire smoke. But we did get a family shot at our 2nd stop.

This bird was huge. I don't know what it was, but it was so big I had to take a can also see part of the river with rapids.

Here is the fake smile again at stop 3.

Then here is my happy boy with a real smile. Oh he really is the cutest thing!

So pretty and not as smoggy.

Daddy and Baby girl.

I think this was our last stop and you still can't see how glorious the canyon looks but you get our cute family with a bit in the background.

Cute Justin contemplating the enormousness of the Grand Canyon.

My favorite picture, they are such great kiddos.
Little munchkin walking on a wall with the canyon below.
Little Miss loves her Daddy and they have a lot of fun together. Here she is getting a ride back to the car so we can drive out of the canyon and on to our home.

Can you tell that she wanted to stay out of the car and play a little bit longer?


Anonymous said...

We've never been to the grand canyon either. It is definitely on our list of things to do before we die. Your family is so cute...I miss you.

Jamie J Stansfield said...

ah so fun! We have been close to it a couple times but due to our kiddos getting so car sick we have yet to make a stop to see it! Good for you for making the stop for sure! PS...I never did tell you Thank you for the seriously cute magnet list that you sent me a trillion years ago! I totally love it! I still haven't sent out my crafty something to the peeps...hopefully soon! Thanks again!

D'Lonna said...

Cute family!! YOu guys sure fit in a lot of fun!