Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Laurel's Birthday Party

Our cute little Laurel turned 9 this past month and we celebrated!We went to Amazing Jakes with the whole crew and had lots of fun. It's a place with a salad and pizza buffet and a whole bunch of rides and games that are geared toward ages 5 and up. There were a few rides Sariah could do. This was her first carousel ride.

Justin and James on the ride that went around and around, forwards and backwards really fast.
Because Amazing Jakes was geared toward older kids, I was alone with Sariah most of the time. I totally did not take any pictures of anyone else. There was this little play gym that she got to run around on for a good bit. Her and I also played the games that you just push the buttons to win tickets for prizes. She had a lot of fun pushing those buttons.

Laurel asked for a cupcake cake with rainbow icing. I don't know what it is about making cupcakes into a cake but I love doing it. I am not the greatest icing putter oner but it's fun to do.

Here is the inside so you can see that they are cupcakes.

Happy Day for Laurel! We love you.

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megan said...

looks like lots of fun! i love the cake... i have a huge obsession with cupcakes. love you!