Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We Love Soccer

Soccer is the main focus at our house this season. With practices during the week and games on the weekend, we pretty much are thinking about it often. Here are a few pics from the game when Justin was captain of the team.

Sariah loves to watch her brother play. She actually prefers playing soccer with him but does really well watching the game. Here she is with her game day attire and jug of water.

We love Coach Rick. Justin thinks he is the greatest coach and he does such an awesome job at coaching the boys.

Getting ready for the game.

Wahoo Copperheads!

Here is Justin with the Referee's for the coin toss.

Action shot...Run Justin!

He is getting in position. He plays great, never gives up even when his energy is running low. He just keeps on going. He is an amazingly great shape!