Thursday, October 8, 2009

Morning Fun

Since the weather is getting cooler here in AZ we get to go for bike rides in the morning and after school with Justin. My kiddos love being outdoors playing together. Here they are all ready to go for a ride to Justin's school. When this little Miss smiles her whole face lights up. She truly is such a beauty.

Justin is the greatest big brother. Sariah will do anything Justin does. Here they are on the little animals.

I don't remember what Sariah and Justin were talking about but she was pretty animated about it.

Sariah loves the Ducky but this is Justin's least favorite one to ride because the tail of the duck goes right up his backside. You can tell how much he loves his little sister as he rides this duck without any painful faces.

Aren't they the cutest?

What is Justin doing? He goes so much faster.

Loving the swing.

Exploring the tunnel.

Hey how did you get on this side Mom?

Oh I think it might be time to go home.....what do you think?

The first day we went to this park Sariah climbed up to the biggest slide and went down on her tummy all by herself. Now every time we go she has to go down that slide at least once. I love that I can take her to the park most mornings. It's a great time for both of us.

Here is a the big slide that she goes down....seriously...wouldn't you be afraid?


Anna and Stephen said...

You are such a great mommy! It's wonderful to read about your adventures!

Carrie said...

Wow! What a brave girl! Your kids are so adorable!

megan said...

i adore the photo of her yelling to you! too cute!