Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big Ben

Justin and I were bike riding home from school one day when a huge Great Dane meandered up to us. He had no tags on him and was running around on a busy street. So we convinced him to follow us home. He only stayed with us for a few hours while we got a hold of animal control to pick him up but we all fell in love with him. We even named him Big Ben.
Can you tell how big he is compared to Dad and Patty's dog Paisleigh? Paisleigh is a chocolate lab and pretty big for her size but Big Ben totally towarded over her.
Sariah seriously could not get enough of Big Ben. She thought he was the greatest. Big Ben didn't mind her giving him hugs and kisses either but he totally knocked her over on accident when he walked away from her.
Justin is the one who got Big Ben to follow us home by saying "here puppy" over and over again. He was sad to see Big Ben go when Animal Control came to take him away.

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