Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Game of the AYSO Soccer Season

We had a lot of fun our first season of soccer with AYSO. Justin did a great job for a beginner and had a blast. His coach commented more then once on his natural ability and talent that he just needs to be taught the technical bit of it all. I am looking forward to many more seasons of soccer.
Such a happy little man. Fans here to cheer him on for the last game.

For their last game all the boys linked arms and walked out to the refs. Justin is number 8 and had unlinked his arms by the time I got the camera out.

Sariah loves her Honey's water bottle.

Me and my gal.

Honey and Laurel

Here is an action shot of Justin kicking a ball.

Justin with some of his adoring fans.

Such handsome men I have in my life.

End of the season pizza party.

Justin was so excited to get his very first trophy.

Justin and his coach with his trophy and new soccer ball. Coach gave him a soccer ball for being such a dedicated player and to encourage him to continue playing.

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