Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun Time at the Park

Little Miss loves the park. We can spend an hour there with out her getting bored. She makes new friends every time and has lots of fun being fearless.
Sariah doesn't care that she is little if there is a stair she will climb it.

I am never far away when she climbs things....people are amazed that this little gal can climb the way she does. But they also think she is younger then she really is.

This is the part that scares me...when she gets to the top there is a gap but she makes it across perfectly fine.

This little gal loves to climb around at the park.

She also loves to go down the slides.

The other day she climbed up on the slide and started to sing a little song that had no discernible tune or words.

But she was intent on making sure she was heard.

So much dedication to her singing. I wish I would of captured this in video.

The whole concept of the rock wall still eludes Sariah but she makes her own fun with it.

When I took this picture I had no idea what she was about to do. Normally she will just go up to this ladder and look at it for a moment, then walk away.

But she decided to start climbing. She gets to the second wrung on the ladder and then can't get any higher. I was shocked and amazed at how strong her little body is. She really has no fear of heights or climbing. Is that normal?


Six Little Ducklings said...

She's a beautiful, adventurous girl. Pray hard and keep good insurance. She should come climb with Thomas. We know where to find some great parks with wonderful climbing equipment-enough for all the kiddos. Hugs!

Diana said...

What a cute little girl you have. My 2 year old is so the same he has no fear. I think he thinks he is 5 not 2. Have a great THanksgiving!!!!

Megan and Vinny said...

fearless, just like her mama!