Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiking in November

The month of October and November here in Arizona have been so much fun with the weather being really nice in the 80's and 90's. This past week the high has been in the 70's. I never thought I would say that I love the weather in AZ ...but I love it when I can go hiking in November.
James found this place over off Guadalupe and 48th street ....I think it's called South Mountain...but I am not sure. I know how to get there but don't know what it's called....any Arizonans know the name?
We have gone hiking twice this month already and here are the pictures from our first excursion.
We hiked up this hill.Here we are at the top with the sunset behind them.

Justin the conquer of the hill.

Hiking down

This is a piece of dried out cactus that looked really cool.

Can you tell how steep this incline was? Let me tell you it was steep.

Cute little hikers.

I am always surprised to see how many different types of cactus' there are in AZ. I had to take some pictures of the different types.

Justin is so much fun to hang out with...we really do have lots of fun memories.

Justin was so funny when I took this picture trying to pretend he was going to grab the cactus.

We conquered that looks small from this angle but it was a great big one.

Sariah is a great little hiker with her Daddy.

The Daddy Taxi.


Perry Mountain Home said...

We love hiking too. Must be nice to hike in the cooler fall weather. Looked like a lot of fun!

Six Little Ducklings said...

Now we know why the kiddos love to climb. What a great adventure.