Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trunk or Treat on Friday Night

Our ward celebrated Halloween this year with a Trunk or Treat. We all dressed up and had lots of fun.
Here is cute Patty in her Jailbird outfit. I love Sariah's outfit, she looked so darn cute. She was Elmo!

I really hate this picture of me but it's the only one with all of us in our costumes. I dressed up as Abby Cadabby and had James dress up as Oscar the Grouch. Sariah is Elmo. Can you tell that we watch too much Sesame Street at our house? Cute Justin is a Ninja...he was a Ninja last year but a different costume....this one has muscles!!

Here are the kiddos Menleigh is Lucille Ball, Laruel a cute little Southern Belle and Brynn is a Jailbird like her Mama.

Our Ninja with Muscles, Justin.

Sariah made out with a whole bunch of she is with all her loot.

Checking it out....

After she made sure she had all her loot she started running around the parking lot. Seriously the cutest Elmo I know!

Oscar the Grouch was in charge of the trunk and here he is with Elmo.

I loved dressing up and getting my hair all colored up. You can't tell but it's purple and pink with sparkles. I loved it!! Sariah is clapping in this one.

I got my hair cut about a month ago and added bangs. I love the bangs. It works with the costume too, since Abby Cadabby has them too. Elmo and Abby are great friends on Sesame Street.

Elmo loves hanging out with the Jailbird too. She kept trying to figure out what was going with the Trunk. It was funny.


Jamie J Stansfield said...

uh you caught me! Is it okay that I just copied your post? :) It was just written so well! YOur fam is adorable! Good job at dressing up! so cute!

Harshes said...

Bangs! I didn't totally know what it was until you said it. I just kept thinking...she is so dang cute! :)