Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Day...the way we celebrated

Halloween landed on a Saturday this year which is super fun. Saturday's at are house during the Fall are dedicated to Soccer games. Sariah and I thought it would be fun to dress up for Justin's game since his team's color is burnt orange. I might have gone a little overboard but it was Halloween and I don't do this every day.

Cute Sariah in her Halloween shirt and cute hair clip from CherryBlossoms. I used the orange color hairspray on my hair and had a matching hair pretty to Sariah. I put a little orange in Sariah's hair as well....not a lot just a little, can you see it? Here we are together....I love this picture....she is slowly starting to learn that you need to smile for the camera.
Sariah with Laurel before we left for the game....could she give any more attitude?

Up and Close you can sort of see the orange hair and the spider on the hair pretty. Her hair is getting so long and those little clear plastic hair rubber bands work so great on her super thin hair. The easiest way to get those rubber bands out is in the tub after I get her hair super wet. It saves her the pain and less hair falls out. Wahoo!
She climbed up on the bench all by herself. We might just have a piano player in our family.

Here are a few action shots from the game. No matter how much I begged Justin, he would not let me color his hair orange. I even offered bribes but to no avail.

Me with the kiddos after the game. Aren't they the cutest?

I really love this picture of the two of us. James took it and I think we look great together. I really do love this guy he is so handsome and so wonderful to me!!!

After a little rest we got dressed to go out trick or treating.

Sariah and her favorite Brynn.

The first house we went to was a friends house and they had a bubble machine going. It was awesome. I made James and the kids stand there so I could take a picture. Justin is super anxious to get going to get more treats.

I loved the bubbles.

Cute Patty and Papa Moore in the bubbles.

On Halloween night we put the pumpkins out before we left for trick or treating and they were still there when we got back so I snapped a picture.

My cute and tough Ninja with his pumpkin.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


megan said...

looks like you guys had an awesome day!!! i agree, you and james are a great looking couple!!!

here's another website that i like for little girl hair thingy's

she has super cute stuff! i've even bought some for my "one-day baby".

love you!

Harshes said...

So cute! I love the pics and the orange hair and the pic of you and James and cute Justin. Now I remember why I dont' come to your blog...b/c it makes me miss you terribly!