Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

A couple weeks before Christmas at the Gifford house we were able to all get together to decorate the tree. Here are some pictures of the tree decorating event.

This one of my little man is just wonderful. It captures the magic of the moment for me. He is such a wonderful little guy and so handsome!3 of the 5 kids in the house decorated and Patty handed out the decorations.

Cute little Miss so wanted to be involved with the ornaments, can you tell in her excitement?

Self-portrait of me and my Sexy Man.

Papa Moore enjoying some of the yummy cookies.

Mama Moore and Dad looking on with happiness.

A little smooching...

Brynn was too old or should I say too teenager to decorate this year so she just watched and messed around with Dad.

You can see that Sariah got to play with some of the ornaments even though she didn't get to touch the tree.

Even though this picture was totally posed it was a fun one with all the kiddos.

After the tree was decorated the girls each played a few Christmas songs they were working on for their lessons. Great ending to a fun night.

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