Monday, January 11, 2010

I wasn't kidding!

Some of you may have thought I was kidding when I stated that I wouldn't be posting for a few weeks, boy howdy it wasn't a joke. I will admit that I even thought I wouldn't last a whole week without some sort of post but life sure got a bit crazy there for a second and we are just now getting back into some sort of routine.
Crazy for me would be driving 10 hours to my family's in Utah for the Christmas weekend with 2 kids who can both get very cranky. (especially when one of them is a 19month old who was teething and had a cold) We had a whole bunch of fun and loads of pictures to be posted but there is all kind of crazy when you get all of my siblings together. When we got home from Utah we had to find a place to move into since our house still hasn't closed and we had met the mutually agreed upon self-imposed deadline to be out of my Dad's house. Seriously 7 months at my Dad's house was way too long for everyone involved. Great thing is that we all survived and still love each other. Then there was the crazy fiasco with our 2nd car that I will not go into lets just say that it was less then convenient but a blessing in disguise. Once we moved out of Dad's and into our place I was without internet until 2 nights ago. That in a nut shell is what has been going on with our lives.
I am still baffled at why our house hasn't closed. The real estate world here in AZ is just horrible....we found a house that we love back at the end of October and it still hasn't closed. To many people involved in short sales makes them not short at all. We have looked at a lot of other houses besides this short sale one and none of those offers have been accepted. Is that because we are suppose to get this house that is taking forever or is it because we haven't found the right house? Agggh! This seriously is so frustrating. I think I might just try some more houses this next week. Who knows? Patience is a virtue that is seldom possessed but often required.
My munchkins are doing great.
Little Man has been enjoying wrestling. He started about 2 months ago with his Dad's encouragement and his Mom's massive amount of skepticism. Who puts an 8 year old in wrestling? Who? My husband. My skeptical thoughts were as follows, Little man is tiny and can get crushed. He has no older brothers who pick on him to make him tougher. He is my cuddly guy, loves hugs and kisses. You can believe me that I was shocked that he came home loving wrestling. Little Man loves wrestling and his Dad takes him to practice 4 nights a week. He is learning all sorts of tricks and moves...which he practices with his Dad and not his mom or baby sister.
Little Miss just keeps getting more vocal and persistent in whatever she sets her mind to do. Our days are filled with books, puzzles, Elmo, singing, dancing, blocks, tea parties, and whatever else comes to mind. She keeps me busy and entertained often. I love my days with her.

Well there you go a post full of ranting and what not. I will hopefully have more entertaining posts in the next few days filled with pictures and such. I just had to get the past few weeks documented in some form.
Lots of love to you.

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megan said...

i super missed your blogging while you were away! i was going through withdrawal, i think! short sales take forever. banks can be so difficult to deal with, i don't envy what you are going through right now.

but that little family of yours is just so darn adorable! and we loved your chirstmas card!

kisses, megan