Friday, January 29, 2010

Horseback or Piggyback?

Sariah loves , loves to play with her brother. She will copy everything he does and try whatever she can to get him to play with her. Sometimes the stars align and they are both in a good mood.
Here are the munchkins playing nice. Sariah climbed up on top of Justin with her blanket in hand and Justin called to me to come quick with the camera.

He wanted me to document him getting up from the kneeling to standing with Sariah on his back.

So very strong!!

She is too little to fit her legs around his waist so he had to carry her around like this for a bit. She kept asking him more, more.

Holding on tight.

It started off as a horseback ride and turned into a piggyback ride.


megan said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for updating your blog so often! i come here everyday to get my fill of your darling family. you have 2 of the cutest children ever born!!!

please kiss them all over for me...

ps - hope everything is coming along ok with the house!

Six Little Ducklings said...

Justin-You are a terrific big brother!