Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paul is an Eagle Scout!!

The last night we were in Utah my cute brother Paul got his Eagle Scout. We were so glad that we were able to be there for his court of honor and see him get this award.
Here AJ is reading the program. He is such a little cutie.
Once again I had to sneak this picture of my sister weirdo face but not looking at the camera. As always handsome man James to the right of her and pretty Melissa.

Paul with some of his friends that are girls who came out to show their support.

Sarah and Sean with Grandpa.

The Newlyweds.

Cynthia and not so baby Kent.

Paul with another friend.

Luke also received a bunch of merit badges at this meeting. Something like 15 badges...I can't was a whole bunch.

Here are all of Paul's scout leaders saying a few nice words.

Pinning his parents.

Dad pinning Paul.

Zoomed right in on this one and they were looking at me when they were suppose to be listening to the guy talking....Dad is listening but Mom and Paul look like they are mad at me for taking their picture. :)

Paul picked his mentor pin to go to a one of his scout leaders...I don't know his name but Paul said some really nice things about him.

Paul with his Eagle Mentor.

Dad saying a few words.

Paul's Mentor giving him a hiking stick with a banner to remind him of his Eagle.

Congratulations Paul. We are so proud of you for accomplishing your Eagle.

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Laurie/CJ said...

That's really neat you were able to be there for your brother for his Eagle Scout honors!