Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Day

Early Christmas morning everyone on the stairs but my husband who is taking the picture. Ian's family and my family did Christmas morning with my parents and brothers.
My sister Rachel is also in this picture strategically placed behind Sean you can see her right eyebrow. She seriously gets out of every picture.

Justin all excited opening his stocking.

Reading intently what his new DS game can do.

Handing out all the presents.

Mom got a great big Monkey from my brother Paul. She loves it.

Sariah got a tea set from Grandma Ladybug that she loves. She keeps playing with it everyday.

Justin eating is Christmas Day quiche.

Sexy Man all sleepy as he watches the kiddos open presents.

Which one do I open next?

Little Miss got Ms. Potatoe head. The part she loves best are the eye glasses.

Who got him a huge Nerf Gun? Not his parents....his grandparents.

After presents were all opened Tallie came over with AJ to hang out for a bit. Most of us were still in our PJ's. Tallie and AJ were all dressed.

The ladies and Mr. Monkey chatting it up.

These 2 cousins have a rough time playing together sometimes. Sean is 4 and AJ is 2 so Sean thinks he is the boss, doesn't always work well. But here they are playing somewhat nice together.

I love Sean's PJ's.

Cousin hugs...Sariah hugging AJ.

Sariah hugging Sean.

The boys played some HeroScape most of the day...I think that is what it is called.

Movies were watched all day long.

Sariah made friends with Grandma's snowman. She thought they were great.

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Megan and Vinny said...

thanks for updating your blog so often!!! it seriously makes my day. i love catching up on what your darling little family is doing and how fast they are growing. i think it's about time for a visit!!! maybe we could head out to arizona for a few days... we'll see.